With a new arrival to the family on its way, you want to make sure everything is  clean, safe, healthy and perfect.

With our "Welcome New Baby Home" package we can ensure just that for you and for them too.

What are the benefits of the Welcome New Baby Home package ?

  • No harsh chemicals used - only safe and natural solutions
  • Beautiful clean carpets, perfectly safe for baby to crawl on
  • Thoroughly deep steam cleaned ensuring no more bugs or other lurking nasties
  • Protected carpets to help you easily clean up those inevitable spills and stains

New mum to be

 So what’s Included?
In the Welcome New Baby Home Package we will:
  • Apply a safe but highly effective sanitiser to Baby’s room carpet and also your Living Room carpet, as that’s where you’ll be spending a lot of time together.  We use one of the products approved by the NHS to kill MRSA and other nasty bugs.
  • Thoroughly vacuum both carpets, wipe down the skirting boards with the same sanitiser and then deep steam clean both carpets, removing as much grit, soil and stains as possible, including those nasty allergens and mites.
  • Apply a Stain and Soil protection treatment to both carpets.  This will allow you to remove those inevitable minor accidents immediately yourself.

For the belt and braces package, why not have your suite or "nursing chair" cleaned and treated with the same extensive methods whilst we are with you. As were already there we can offer you a discounted price. It may be a lot cheaper than you think! 

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